Home Improvement Basics – Preparing For a Home Addition

Does your growing need for more space inside your home constantly bother you? Rather than moving out of your place and looking for a bigger house where you can keep all your stuff, it would be wiser to renovate your home instead. By adding another room that could serve as your home office or extra storage area, you can finally meet your needs for more space without leaving your precious property.

However, making way for a home addition requires you to do some preparatory tasks. If you want a smooth-sailing home renovation, you have to prepare well before this cost-efficient home improvement project takes place. Here are some things you should prepare for before adding more living space to your home.

Identify your property lines

The first thing you have to do before hiring a contractor and informing him about your home improvement plans is to determine the property lines of your home. This important task would help you come up with a home design that does not violate important building codes implemented by your local city government or homeowners association.

Develop and design a floor plan

After measuring and defining your property lines, you can already proceed to designing your very own floor plan for the addition. Start by imagining how you would like the addition to look, and sketch down your ideas. Do not forget to scale your designs because these would guide you while renovating your property and adding more living space into it.

Once you have drafted your plans, you can already look for an architect and a licensed contractor. Sit down with them and discuss them everything you would like to see in your home addition. Do not hesitate to hire an architect because he can help you make sure that both the insides and outsides of your home additions look their best after the renovation period.

Acquire a home renovation permit

The next step is to call or visit your local city government. Inform them about your plans of making some changes in the structure of your property. Request for a home renovation permit and tell them the extent of the renovation period as well as the changes you are planning to do for your property.

Prepare for the costs of home addition

Probably the most important thing you should prepare for is the costs of your planned home addition project. You should look around different home improvements stores and canvass how much the materials you would need costs. You should also ask your architect and contractor how much their services would cost you before hiring them.

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