Penis envy mushroom: anatomy, spores & doses

Penis envy mushrooms comes from the psilocybin cubensis family. Penis envy mushrooms are one of the most

Anatomy of penis envy mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms are white in color. Its stem is thick and dense among the other psilocybin containing mushrooms and its stem is fleshy on palpation. Its cap is bulbous or rounded in shape. Penis envy mushroom is most potent than other psilocybin cubensis. Penis envy mushroom 

  • Cap – Cap of the penis envy mushroom is approx. 50 mm or above in diameter. It is yellow brownish in color. In penis envy mushroom’s cap, there is absence of veils (spots). Cap produce 20 to 25 % of spores. 
  • Stem – Stem of the penis envy mushroom is 125 to 240 in diameter. It is thick, fleshy bulbous in the middle. Green and bluish in the area of injury. 
  • Gills- It is underdeveloped part of the penis envy mushroom it is grey in color when the fruit is young and when the fruit becomes mature the greyish color turn into dark brown in color. 
  • Spore – Spores are dark purple in color. 

According to the experience of the growers or cultivators it is proved that, nutrient substrate is required for the growth of the microorganisms. Penis envy mushroom’s density, growth and its potency depend upon the nutrient substrate in which it is cultured. Low nutrient substrate produces less fruits, with lower potency and production of the psilocybin in mushroom’s is directly depends upon the nutrient medium.

Penis envy mushroom growing method

Penis envy mushroom envy mushroom can be grown by two methods. First, spore method which include spore print, spore paper and spore syringe. Second, grow kit method

  • Spore paper method in which the cultivator drops the spores on the paper and rub it, another method in which the grower swabbing the gills of the penis envy mushroom with the sterile Q tip. 
  • Spore syringe method can be done in ways –
  1. Liquid culture
  2. Agar culture

Spore syringe method starts with sterilizing the water in the glass beaker and cover it with foil and heat the sterile water and leave it for 30 minutes to cool down on room temperature. If the water is hot, it will kill the spores. Once the water is cool sterilize the scalpel and tweezer in flame. Remove the foil and with the tweezer take the spore print over the beaker. With the scalpel scrape the spore into the beaker. Immediately place the tip of the syringe into the beaker and fill it and empty the syringe back into the water and repeat this procedure for two to three time so that the spore spread into the whole water. Fill the syringe again and leave it for 2 to 3 days at room temperature. Advantage with the spore syringe is, there are higher chances of spore germination with spore syringe. 

Growing is easy with the grow kit method because grow kit include mycelium. Everything that you need for growing penis envy mushroom is there. You can grow penis envy mushroom without spore. 

How much time penis envy mushroom needs to grow? 

Penis envy mushroom takes approximately 4 to 6 months to complete its cycle from inoculation to fruiting. 

  • Week 1 to week 2 – spore inoculation, spore germination to complete colonization of substrate. 
  • Week 2 to week 4 – start of fruiting cycle. 
  • Week 4 to week 6 – when substrate turn into blue color that means mushroom fruiting is complete

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