Resourceful Use of Green Screen Technology

The dawn of information technology has brought incredible changes in the technological advancement of humankind. It has introduced a broad spectrum of modified techniques and technology. This technology has been introduced in various fields. Photography is one of the fields in which technology works wonders. Photographers use green screen technology in digital photography. This technology replaces the background of the subject in the photograph with the selected image. This technology is a widely used expertise that delivers creative and effective results.

One can make effective and productive use of green screen technology if handled carefully. A photographer should first collect the photographs or images that he wants to replace. You should deploy a good quality camera. Such a camera photographs an image lucidly and attractively. The focus of the camera is clear. The photographer is also able to defocus the desirable areas in an image. After collecting the images for a background screen, you can photograph the subject. One should provide proper lighting to focus the subject.

Proper lighting is beneficial, as unnecessary shadows do not fall on the subject. The lighting should not be very bright as this can cause unwanted glares in a photograph. While photographing the subject one should also take care of the color of the background screen. You can select either blue or green color as a background screen. One should select either of the two colors, as the image sensors in the camera are sensitive to these two shades. You should also ensure that the subject should not wear a color that you are using in the background. This enables a proper masking of the image at the background at the time of replacing the background screen with the selected image. If you want to display a green hill resort at the back of the subject, you should select a green color. To show a sea beach one can use blue color as the background.

Portrait photographers and other professionals deploy this technology to deliver effective results. Professionals deploy the green screen technology for advertising, photo shoots, modeling and other such purposes. News stations extensively use this technique. One can also employ the technique at home.

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