10 Steps To Follow When Towing

Position the towing vehicle as close as possible to the vehicle to be towed.

First, attach the towing device (rope or rod) to the breakdown vehicle, then to the towing vehicle.

Agree on exactly which route you will take beforehand. This will prevent rear-end collisions or unforeseen reactions by the driver in the breakdown vehicle.

Before driving off, release the handbrake on the broken-down vehicle and switch to neutral. For automatic vehicles, go to the “N” position. If available, start breakdown mode.

Turn the ignition key until the operating lamps, such as the oil lamp, come on. In this way, the power steering remains functional, and the steering wheel lock cannot click into place.

Then switch on the hazard warning lights on both the breakdown vehicle and the towing vehicle. It is also advisable to place a warning triangle in the rear window of the breakdown vehicle. This is how you warn drivers behind you.

Never drive faster than 50 km / h. 20 km / h is ideal. The slower you drive, the lower the risk of a rear-end collision with the breakdown vehicle.

The drivers of the towing vehicle show in good time in which direction they are going by hand signals. If there is no passenger, point your finger to the right before turning right. Brake gently and not jerkily in the towing vehicle, this is for people into towing service like towing service On nut(รถยก อ่อนนุช which is the term I n Thai) for instance.

Avoid additional distractions from radio or music and watch the movement of the breakdown vehicle in the rearview mirror.

Requirements that make private towing possible:

  • The car is brought to the scrap yard for recycling. To do this, however, he must be registered and insured.
  • The next route to the workshop or a parking space is taken.
  • It is a four-wheeled motor vehicle and not a two-wheeled vehicle.
  • The car is still technically capable of being towed away. Hazard warning lights, brakes, and steering must still function properly.
  • When towing, the route does not lead from the country road to the motorway, but, if at all, from the motorway to the country road.

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