An Insight to Ruger Vaquero Holsters

The Ruger Vaqueros are extremely popular in cowboy shooting circuits and also in movies.  These guns are bought by a large number of people and are hugely popular in the USA. The Ruger SP101 deserves a special mention here for it is considered one of the best disguisable carrying firearms. Almost every type of Ruger Vaqueros is available in most of the shops in the US. However, it may become challenging for one to find quality disguisable carry Ruger Vaquero Holsters. Hardly one can find a holster maker who makes holsters for these guns of finest qualities.

Types of Ruger Vaquero Holsters

Nowadays in many cases, the Ruger Vaquero guns are used in undercover and detective works. The UndercoverRuger Vaquero Holster is designed for both comfort and protection. The holster is configured to keep the revolver close to the body and can follow the profile. The two-piece construction of the holster with a shaped front helps to keep the mouth of the holster open which eventually makes it convenient to the user for single-handed re-holstering. If anyone wants it for all-day use, the weight of the revolver is evenly distributed due to the holster’s two points of fitment.

If anyone is fond of shoulder holsters for these types of guns, then probably the Detective Carry shoulder model of Ruger Vaquero holsters become the best buy for the user. The customizable shoulder harness design lays flat and does not bunch up upon usage. The holsters can be carried horizontally and help in accessing it quickly and re-holstering, thanks to its thumb break design.

The third type of holster which comes on the list is the Crossdraw holster which is being used as a holster for different pistols for over many years. Recently these types of holsters are used for small and medium revolvers too. The TCD Crossdraw holster can be used both for appendix carry and as well as a Crossdraw. The holster helps to keep the gun close to the body throughout the entire day due to its slot design and belt loop. These holsters are made up of leather and are completely handmade.

The Clip-on IWB Holster comes after that. It is a type of holster used for the Ruger Vaquero guns that are made from soft long-existing leathers.  This is the thinnest type of holster meant for these guns. The very basic design has a fine and hardy spring metal clip which can be easily attached and detached from the belt. It also comes with a shirt guard which helps to protect both the user and his gun.

Lastly, the Hidden Defence IWB Holster comes in the list which also acts as an ideal holster for the said guns. Made from vegetable-tanned leather, these holsters are characterized by a metal top which makes re-holstering easy. Without giving up access, these holsters serve as the perfect fit for the hands of the users along with providing great retentiveness.  This important feature can help to carry these guns with ease and hide as the weapons as well just with the help of a light cover.

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