Best Movies to Watch When You’re Sick To Boost Up Energy

Ah, here comes the flu again. Headaches and body temperatures rise while our energy and our emotions decline. Sometimes, we’re not in the mood for anything due to our sickness. More than staying in bed all day long, colds and other illnesses curtail the possibility to live positively. But there is a solution to our sickly woes. One way to boost our immune systems is to experience laughter and dopamine-inducing sensations in the works. Nothing can beat the magic done by watching movies, right? As you watch here at Aha Movies, three films come into mind as you find the perfect ones for catering that neurotransmitter build-up and even many more Telugu content movies that are streamed.

Maryan follows the story of the fisherman Maryan and his survival odyssey in maintaining a relationship with Panimalar, his lover. It is a movie of struggle and endurance as terror lurks around the corner. This 2013 film has received numerous positive reviews and its direction was led by Bharat Bala.

A 2012 motion picture dubbed in Telugu and filmed by Anwar Rasheed, Janatha Hotel recounts the journey of Faizal, a chef whose father did not approve of his yearnings to work abroad. The frustration of being controlled continues to boil as Faizal remains to have a job in his country.

Sarocharu flows its narration on the desperation of Sandhya to have a relationship with a man named Karthik. This film of love and lies continue to emanate as the story progresses. Another movie shot in 2012, the direction of Parasuram will lead viewers to be captivated by love in resilience.

As you recover from the cold or any other maladies, know that you can also continue to watch here at Aha Movies for streaming all types of Telugu genres. The power of positivity is in your hands; you know you could get better!

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