Bharat AneNenu, a movie justified Superstar’s stardom in Telugu Cinema


Superstar Mahesh Babu has come forward with a strong story through the movie ‘Bharat AneNenu’.  Superstar Mahesh Babu – Kortala Shiva combination ‘Shrimanthudu’ has been an industry blockbuster hit in the past. Audiences’ expectations increased when it was revealed that the two were filming together again. Another interesting fact about the movie is Mahesh Babu appearing as the Chief Minister in the film. 

The movie was released in March 2019 and became a blockbuster hit. If the movie missed to watch in theatres, it’s now available at Aha movies. Even, it crossed one year of its release, still the movie trending good in Telugu movies watch online and also movies on aha.

Let’s check the story, artistes’ performances, technicalities, etc of Bharat AneNenu, before going to browse for it at movies on Aha. 



Bharat Ram (Mahesh Babu) went to London as a child and completed his education there. Bharat’s father Raghava (Sarath Kumar) is the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Bharat comes to India from London after the sudden death of Raghava. Raghava’s close friend Varadaraju (Prakash Raj), even though Bharat has no understanding of politics, makes him the chief minister so that the party does not split into two. 

Thus Bharat, who is the Chief Minister, wants to do good to the people as his responsibility. What conditions did he face in this order..? How could he digest the fact that conspiracies were going on within his own party..? How did a young man who knew nothing about politics fulfill his responsibility as the Chief Minister..? What will happen to this young CM’s love with Vasumathi..? Things you need to know by looking at the screen! 

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Artistes’ Performances:

Mahesh Babu has done well on screen as a young and stylish Chief Minister. He acted well in every scene like Action, Emotion, Love.

Heroine Kiara Advani looked beautiful on screen. Actors like Prakash Raj and Sarath Kumar enlivened the characters with their performances.


Koratala Shiva wrote strong scenes to elevate every frame. He was successful as a director in elevating the image of a hero like Mahesh Babu and in a very stylish way. Mahesh Babu has done well on screen as a young and stylish Chief Minister.

Neither unnecessary songs nor fights appear in the film. Everything makes sense as part of the story. The title song of ‘Bharat AneNenu’ and the background music enlivened the film. No matter how many times that song comes on the screen..

it makes you want to hear it again and again. Fans will dance while Mahesh appears in traditional village look in the song ‘Vachchadayyo Sami’. Thiru’s cinematography is another plus point for the film. Even though the length of the movie is close to three hours.. the audience does not feel bored anywhere. The editing work was so well done.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kiara Advani, Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Sarath Kumar, Sithara, etc.

Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Koratala Shiva

Cinematography: Ravi K. Chandran, Thirunavukkarasu

Music:Devi Sri Prasad

Producer:DVV Danayya


Bharat AneNenu, a political drama will entertain the entire family.

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