Can the disease related to looking over screens be treated?

With digital advancement and innovation from time to time, human race have completely avoided the idea that these advancements are bringing more threats to the race rather than prosperity. These days no one can even imagine their days without looking at the laptop or without using the mobile phones, television is already common for years now. All these viewing and surfing causes hideous harm to physical and mental health. The excessive stress make people more affected in every term. The most common problem can be seen among regular laptop or mobile users are irregularity in breathing. 

What is the disease?

It has been observed that people who continuously look at screens of mobile, laptop, desktop, or even television all day long breathe shallower when they look at the screen. Especially, people hold their breath when they are replying to some mail or some messages over any of the smart devices. If thought well, there is no such requirement to be stressed out watching or reading a mail. But it is happening with 80% of the people. The most interesting part is that maybe they are unaware of the factor as they don’t get the time to notice their behaviour due to their extreme business. 

Researcher and scholar Linda Stone came up with the concept of screen apnea or email apnea which notices that people looking at their mails or replying to the mails either hold their breath or breathe shallowly at that moment. Though she experienced this action in herself first and then started her research and found that this practice was already a phenomenon and it requires acknowledgment from the affected the most. The people who work sitting at the same position for long hours are prone to such disorders. This condition is not related to physical conditions only but also to the mental health. The more stress, and misunderstanding will occur around you, the more you will get affected. 

The experts have found out that the absence of equilibrium of nitric oxide and other gases in a human body leads to such condition and as the condition affects the immunity system first, the risk gets double. You cannot even stay safe from any potential infections spread from bacteria or other fungal ones. Moreover, the stress gets multiplied with such information in your mind. Instead of getting better, the breathing problem related to screen viewing leads to graver situation. 

How to control the situation better?

Various physicians and experts have studied the subject well and have done intense research and have come to a conclusion that various light exercise at home and other healthy habits can help humans to handle the condition better. Even these good practices can minimize the potential risk of email apnea. 

  • Some experts have come up with ‘Plan 20-20’ to all the people out there who has to work on the table sitting at the same place for the whole day. As per the plan, you need to stand and move for 20 seconds after sitting for complete 20 minutes. This way both your eye and spinal muscles gets relaxed and your mind gets refreshed afar from the screen. 
  • Yoga is the solution to various internal health issues such as poor immunity, breathing issues, muscle pain and more. Regular yoga with proper guidance can save you from facing further problems. 
  • Besides taking breaks, the person sitting for long must be consistent with the posture of sitting. It will help them to avoid unnecessary pain. 
  • Absence of stress is very necessary for staying healthy. You cannot put on unnecessary stress and make it obvious to become heavier on your breathing. 

Make sure you are not much stressed and having breaks at definite time to feel better within the work and avoding looking at the screen for long. 

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