How Effective Are AR Solvent Traps?

What is an AR solvent trap? It’s a tool attached to the barrel of a firearm, used for trapping solvent in the firearm cleaning process. Solvent traps are essential because not only do they help you keep your surroundings clean when cleaning, they also ensure that the lifespan of your firearm is increased. 

Using it is very simple; you simply screw an end cap and thread adapter onto the tube and then screw the unit onto the muzzle end of your barrel. This trap will now catch the solvent you pour through your barrel as you clean it. There are several types of AR solvent traps, and choosing the right one for you depends on your goals. Moving on, how effective are AR solvent traps? 

It Simplifies the Cleaning Process

No one wants anything that will bring them extra stress. The AR solvent trap makes cleaning easier. How? Because of the quickly detachable muzzle setup, the stress is removed from detaching and attaching the solvent traps.

And this is why solvent traps are so beneficial because they not only keep your surroundings clean, they are an asset that every firearm owner should have because of their significant benefits. A solvent trap model that is highly recommended is the Billet 7075 Type III Anodized Modular Solvent Trap. It comes with both 5/8×24” and 1/2×28” threaded adapters, and is threaded in 1.375×24 TPI, and includes a 1.375×24″ to 1-3/16×24″ adapter (for muzzle adapters that require a 1-3/16×24″ thread pattern)

It Increases Your Firearm’s Lifespan

When you can clean your firearm frequently, it’s bound to last longer and serve you better. And using an AR solvent trap makes the process even better. You want something that won’t have adverse effects on the environment because solvents do that a lot. This is why using an AR solvent trap is the way to go.

And to maximize the lifespan of your firearm, it is necessary to get an AR solvent trap of excellent quality as well. A solvent trap like the GR5 Titanium Modular is made of the highly praised grade 5 titanium, which has the strongest material that includes either a 1/2 x 28” threaded adapter or a 5/8 x 24” threaded adapter, is threaded in 1.375 x 24” TPI and also consists of a 1.375 x 24” to 1-3/16×24″ adapter.

Let Armory Den be your AR Solvent Trap Supplier

By now, you should know that AR Solvent traps are crucial for increasing the lifespan of your firearm and keeping your surroundings neat when you clean. In addition, it helps to reduce mess, unlike none you’ll ever see.

ArmoryDen supplies some of the best AR solvent traps at affordable prices. We’re a US-based establishment with facilities on the east coast and west coast and take pride in satisfying customers at both ends of the country.

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