How to look after your grandchildren for the day

Getting the chance to look after your grandkids is very exciting! You get all the fun of spoiling little ones without the pressure of being their parents. However, if you’re looking after your grandkids soon, you may be feeling a bit nervous – especially if it’s your first time. 

Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way. Furthermore, you’ve come to the right place for advice. Here are some tips on how to look after your grandchildren for the day. 

Be prepared

The first thing you need to do is get ready to spend time with your kids. Unfortunately, there will be a little more that you need to do than you would if any other guest was visiting. Start with the most important thing – health. If your grandchild has any allergies or health concerns, make sure that you’re ready for this. 

This means removing any allergens (peanuts for example) and stocking up on any medication. Depending on how often you’ll be looking after your grandkids, you may not need to purchase anything. In terms of food, make sure that you have a few options for meals and snacks – kids can be picky. Their parents will of course be able to help you choose the right food options. 

Finally, you’ll need some entertainment. If you plan on staying at home, then you’ll need a few things on hand. This could be books, toys, games, or anything else that the kids will enjoy – just make sure that you have a few options (kids can get bored). 

Know rules and routines

Your children and their partners will have worked to establish clear rules and routines with their kids. Whilst it’s tempting to want to be the cool grandparents, it’s important to maintain these rules and routines as best you can – unless agreed up with the parents. 

This could be a regular bedtime, rules about sugar or time spent in front of the TV. Ask what these rules are and keep to them as best you can. 

Be consistent with discipline

Another important area to keep in mind is discipline. Unfortunately, kids don’t always behave as we wish they would. However, your ideas on discipline will likely differ from that of your children. So, before looking after your grandkids, sit down with your own kids and ask about discipline. 

Keeping this consistent makes thing easier for everyone involved! 

Use screen time to your advantage

Your grandkids are going to want to spend time in front of a screen. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply how things work today. Between streaming services, consoles, phones and tablets, there is plenty of entertainment available. The trick is to use screen time not only to entertain your grandkids but to educate them too! This is where free cartoons for babies can help! 

Final Thoughts

By following the tips in this guide, you may that looking after your grandchildren will be much easier than you originally thought! 

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