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There are various types of card games to play. The 3-2-5 card game is quite famous in India and many other countries as well. It is also known as 2-3-5 card games and 5-3-2 card games in many other parts of the world. This card game is played by only 3 players at a time and it has only 30 cards. It excludes cards below 8 except 7 of heartland 7 of spades. The cards which are excluded are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The sequence it follows is from high to low. That is ace, king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7.

The three players have different names. One will be known as the dealer, the second will be a cutter and the third will be the player. The dealer is assigned to distribute the cards, the cutter has to cut the deck and the third player which is right to the dealer has a trump card. 

In a 3-2-5 card game, the trump card has 7 hearts and 7 spades. The 7 number cards belong to the trump suit. If one player plays 7 of hearts, then other players can also play 7 of spades.

Variants of 3-2-5 game

  • 7-8 card game

A 7-8 card game is very similar to 3-2-5 card game. It is only played between two players and it uses 30 cards of the deck of 52 cards. The one player is a dealer and the second player is a cutter. This game is continued till the 15 hands and the dealer needs to get over 7 matches and the cutter needs to get over 8 hands to win the match.

  • 3-5-8 card game

A 3-5-8 card game is a versatile version of a 3-2-5 game. It is different from others as it is played with all 52 cards. The dealer has the responsibility of distributing the cards. Each player gets 16 cards and 4 cards that were left are put in the centre. It is known as kitty cards. From these 16 cards, the dealer has to get over 8 tricks, the player left to the dealer has to get over 5 tricks and the third player needs to get over 8 tricks to win the game. It is quite difficult but if players play actively then it will be quite easy for them.

Tips for winning

The 3-2-5 game rules are quite easy and simple to use but there are some tips that players can use to fulfil their contract.

  1. The players are recommended not to make your aim to fulfil your contact. But players should try to exceed the number of tricks that they need. If a player has been assigned 2 tricks, then it is necessary to exceed the limit to win the game. As in the next round, you have to fulfil 5 tricks and this will help you fulfil your contact easily.
  2. If players are not able to complete the task of 5 tricks, then players can use the trump suit. If you have the option of hearts and spades, the players can choose them as they are dominating enough and it will also help in improving the odds.

Above mentioned tips are also useful in other variations such as 3-2-5, 5-3-2 and 2-3-5 games and players can enjoy playing this game on the platform of Getmega.


3-2-5 game is a simple game but at the same time, it is not easy to play as it includes multiple tricks. So, in order to win the game, you need to use them. Variants of 3-2-5 games are quite similar to them as the basic step is similar. We have provided you with the information that is required for you. If you are searching for a gaming platform, then you can prefer Getmega, which is a very popular gaming platform among the game lovers and they love playing different types of games in it.

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