Must Try activities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city with a diverse range of activities, including street food and casual dining, as well as snippets of a vibrant community around every corner. If you’re visiting Thailand for the first time or simply looking for something to do in Bangkok during a short bus trip, you’ll undoubtedly find a few of these different activities and inexpensive things to do that appeal to you.

  1. Take a food tour and experience Thai Cuisine

Bangkok is an excellent place to expand your Thai culinary horizons far beyond usual Pad Thai and Green Curry you could order at residence. There are plenty of unique choices to choose from, ranging from cooking lessons to fruit carving seminars.

  1. Experience floating market

Southeast Asia’s floating markets are no longer what they once were. Many of these vendors now more of photo opportunities than places to buy produce for locals. Also the floating market is divided by canals into many parts and here you can buy berries and other treats.

  1. Fishing

Never forget to try fishing when visiting Bangkok. From carp to other huge fishes, you can catch any under the supervision of experts. All you need to do is to book a Bangkok fishing tour.

  1. Explore the grand palace 

The Grand Palace is truly magnificent, as its name suggests. The intricate architecture, which includes delicate diamond inlays and gold leaf patterns, is breathtaking and well worth seeing. The Grand Palace has a dress code, and if you are not properly dressed, you will not be permitted inside.

  1. Try street food in Chinatown

The food is the primary reason for visiting Chinatown. A unique dish to sample in Chinatown is a Goth chick soup with fish cakes filled with salty sesame paste, which was delicious. It’s a satisfying meal to consume at the end of the night to calm your stomach.

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