Selection of the Speaker


We will use speakers everywhere in our life: watching TV, using computers and using mobile phones. When the sound quality is not good enough, we will look for a good speaker. It can improve the sound quality. A good sound quality is a good gift to one’s ears. How should we choose the speaker? I will give you an analysis. 

Many professionals will go to audition when choosing speakers. To feel each range of audio output by the sound box, they can judge whether a sound box is good or bad. It is difficult for us ordinary people to recognize the difference between some advanced speakers. Our ordinary customers have other selection criteria when choosing speakers. 

For ordinary speakers, as long as it is not very poor, the audio output quality is within an acceptable range. If the price difference between the two speakers is too large, the sound quality is different. When comparing sound quality, we should pay attention to the fact that the price range should not differ too much. When the prices are similar, we have to choose the one with better sound quality. There will be no “buzzing” sound in the general bass. There will be no broken sound in the treble. When listening, we should pay attention to the degree of sound quality and restoration. Everyone’s ears will hear different sounds. So choosing a good speaker requires you to listen to it yourself. 

We should distinguish the occasions when we use speakers. If we want to use it in some noisy scenes such as public places, we should try our best to choose speakers. The speakers should have better effect on sound quality. On those occasions, it is the first thing to be able to be heard by more people. The volume of these speakers is large. It is more suitable for outdoor scenes or scenes with large space. 

If you buy it back only as a music playing tool in your home, a Mini Speaker may be a better choice. It has good sound quality. It is small and convenient. Imagine how comfortable it is to make a cup of coffee and sit on the balcony, enjoying the sunshine. The music brought by a small Mini speaker can make you feel comfortable. It can bring physical and mental comfort. 


When you come to the kitchen, bedroom or study, take the Mini speaker. It is light and small. You can enjoy the pleasure of music anywhere in your home. 

Sound quality and the scene used are two more conventional criteria for selecting speakers. Everyone has a pair of their own ears. Only a speaker that is comfortable is a good speaker.

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