Don’t be in the dark: learn how to choose a power generator

Having a portable Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator nearby is an excellent option, especially for those who live in areas prone to blackouts, or for those who enjoy contact with nature and always visit places without electricity. In different powers and sizes, generators can serve from a small residence to a large hospital. Doubts about choosing a power generator is very common due to the numerous models available. In order not to make a mistake, experts warn that the best way is to add the Watts of all the equipment that will be supplied by the generator and add, on average, another 20% as a safety margin. The size of the generator is also important if the purpose is to take it on picnics or camping trips. Motor home appliances, such as refrigerators, should have their Watts multiplied by four, as they consume more energy at startup.

Power Generator Tips

To help you in your search for a power generator for home use, we bring you some models according to their power. But, remember that the choice will depend on the amount of equipment that must be supplied.

3100W power generator: this generator has low weight, which facilitates its transport, in addition to being very resistant equipment: a great option for those who like to make short trips, such as camps and picnics (works on gasoline).

1000W power generator: suitable for leisure, lighting, battery charger and for carrying out various services, such as: civil construction, road construction, small restaurants. It can also be used in the rural area, car stereo, health care vehicle and water pump.

950W power generator: powered by gasoline, this is a small, light and practical device. It has a battery charger and is indispensable in the absence of power, lighting or the operation of tools. It can also be used for camping, fishing and country house.

Energy generators have become increasingly common nowadays, whether for home use, leisure and even for professional activities. And now that you have the knowledge to choose a power generator, visit the online store and find the model that best suits your need.

Types of fuels

The market offers a variety of fuels for electric generators. However, the most common are: Diesel and Gasoline. The main difference between Diesel and Gasoline is that the former should be used in environments that require more powerful generators, such as concerts and events. The second type of fuel (gasoline) is more used for small demands (such as homes, small businesses, among others).

How to choose a power generator with the necessary power

Knowing how to choose a power generator can eliminate one of the most impertinent problems in your life, blackouts. They happen from one hour to the next and without notice, and can totally ruin any event. Being the only solution to prevent unforeseen events in events, buildings, industries, energy generators are equipments with different powers so that you can safely choose the best option. The total that the generator will be able to withstand depends entirely on the power of the equipment chosen by you. It will not be effective if the event is something big that needs a lot of energy and the generator is of low power. However, it may not be so problematic if the situation does not require large reserves of energy and its generator is of high power.

The noise level of the generator

Like it or not, some generators produce loud noises, which are definitely not welcome. An event in which the generator produces a loud sound would be quite unpleasant. Always look for the silenced or the quietest generators possible. That point will make a big difference at the end of your day.

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