What’s The Weather Like in Puerto Escondido?

If you are planning to visit one of the pristine beaches of Mexico, then Puerto Escondido can be the perfect destination for you in 2021. It is a port town situated in the state of Oaxaca and shares the shore with Mexico’s Pacific coast. It is famous for the wonderful beaches and the amazing nightlife. Puerto Escondido can be the right place to enjoy a vacation week with your family and friends. The beaches are lined with palm trees & thatch-roofed restaurants or bars.

Zicatela Beach and La Punta Beach are some of the most popular beaches situated here. You can even participate in a wide range of water sports that are organized in these beaches. So which is the right time to visit Puerto Escondido? Let’s find that out in this blog now.

Weather in Puerto Escondido Year-round

Puerto Escondido has the perfect beach weather for most part of the year. Here is the detailed information of the kind of weather that you can experience in Puerto Escondido –

  • January – April: the months between January and April can hover around a temperature of 68° to 90° Fahrenheit. The temperatures, however tend to remain the same for most part of the year, the humidity in the weather can witness a massive change. These few months have an average humidity of 70%. That is why you can feel a little uncomfortable at times. However, it is not unbearable. You can wear light clothes and enjoy traveling anywhere.

There is very little chances of rains during this time of the year. So, for all the beach lovers, this is the best time to enjoy basking under the sun and relax near the sea beach whenever you want.

  • May – November: the temperatures in this area through the months of May to November are closely between 72° and 91° Fahrenheit. So, you can see that there is not much of a difference in the temperature even now. However, the humidity climbs from 70% to 78% on an average. The extra humid can make you feel all sweaty and tired at times. Just spend the time in the pool or go for diving in the ocean to cool down. Tourists can expect rain during these months of the year. The thunderstorms during this time come and go. None of the spells last for more than 2-3 days.

So, it can be a welcome relief for those who were tired with the humidity. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about any long spell of bad weather. Your plans won’t be ruined in anyway.

  • December: during the final month of the year, the temperature in Puerto Escondido remains almost the same. It falls to not less than 68° Fahrenheit. The humidity also starts to decrease & is somewhere around 70% – 73%. You may not feel cold during December, but there will be a slight chill in the air that tells you winter has arrived. This is the best time for those who prefer to travel to places that have cool climate.

There are almost no rains during this month and neither you have the scorching heat right above your head. It is a very pleasant weather during this time of the year and that is why it can be the perfect time to visit this place.

So here are all the details about Puerto Escondido Mexico weather. Make sure to check out the weather before booking your tickets to Puerto Escondido & plan your outing accordingly. Don’t forget to book your hotels prior to your arrival to avoid any mishaps.

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