Melbourne’s best art galleries

In a city known for its culture and the arts, you need to know where to look. The art galleries in Melbourne are host to a number of exhibitions throughout the year, from modern art installations and aboriginal dot paintings to Aboriginal bark paintings and everything in between.

There is never a shortage of big exhibitions happening at any one time within the city. From the Aborigine Art Centre to Federation Square, or The Ian Potter Centre in the National Gallery of Victoria – there is always a good reason to check it out.

The following is a guide to some of Melbourne’s best art galleries:

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

ACCA features a rotating program of exhibitions and installations from some of Australia’s best contemporary artists. A new exhibition is held every 2 months, and the exhibitions always display a unique perspective on Australian art.

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

Part of The National Gallery of Victoria, the Ian Potter Centre houses some of Melbourne’s finest collections from Aboriginal Art to European classics.

Aboriginal Art Centre

The Aboriginal Art Centre features a collection of some of the best aboriginal art. It’s also home to some of Australia’s more prestigious works, including those from Emily Kame Kngwarreye and Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. Maggie Hambling: Sunshine

NGV International

One of the more ambitious features of NGV is this exhibition, which features some of the world’s most famous works from impressionist to post-impressionist art by Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne.

The Arts Centre Gold Coast

This exhibition focuses on the landscape outside of Australia, exploring European and American art. From Monet to Picasso, this exhibition looks at the unique way Australia has been treated by artists from around the world.

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia

This exhibition focuses on the self in art, showcasing some of Australia’s finest Aboriginal artists. From Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri to Rover Thomas, this collection always aims to explore the unique way Aborigines have dealt with their surroundings.

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Heide was originally a family home, and so its surrounding art is always focused on Australian artists spanning the 20th century. It also features some of Australia’s finest Aboriginal Art, as well as hosting exhibitions from across the other continents.

The University Of Melbourne: Nicholson Museum

This exhibition looks at how we tell stories about ourselves and our surroundings. From the personal to the political, this collection always manages to give insight into art throughout history.

The Australian Centre For The Moving Image

This exhibition showcases films stretching back across the last 100 years, giving new light on old films and showcasing some new ones too.

Linden New Art

Linden New Art is a dedicated gallery space, showcasing the finest art from around the world. Spanning over several floors, the exhibitions here always give a unique insight into other cultures and their understanding of art. Linden New Art also features an extensive selection of old classic works from Monet and Picasso to more modern inflections such as Jessica Warboys.

Tacoma Art Museum

Each year Tacoma’s local artists are able to showcase their work in this beautiful gallery space. Beyond well-known pieces such as ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’ and ‘The Crucifixion’ (not to mention the iconic glass bottle), Tacoma Art Museum is a must-visit on your list of Melbourne art galleries.

Anna Schwartz Gallery

Anna Schwartz Gallery is one of the most fashionable art galleries in Melbourne, featuring exhibitions from some of Australia’s finest artists. Beyond local pieces, it often features international works too.

Anna Pappas Gallery

Anna Pappas is dedicated to showcasing pieces by some of Australia’s most renowned artists. Spanning across multiple floors, Anna Pappas always has an exhibition open for new works.

Sidney Myer Asia Centre

This exhibition looks at the history of Asian art in Australia, including practices such as pottery, calligraphy, and more.

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

One of the most unique art galleries in Melbourne, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery always has exhibitions on shows from artists around the world. Spanning across multiple floors, this exhibition is one to visit if you’re looking for something new.


These were some of the best art galleries in Melbourne, giving you a unique insight into some of Australia’s finest works. From Aboriginal Art to classic modern paintings, you’ll find something for everyone.

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