What is Nose Surgery, and Are these Procedures Safe?

Nose surgeries, also known as rhinoplasties, help thousands of people achieve their dream look every year. More importantly, these surgical procedures can help patients fix serious problems with their nasal structures. In a typical rhinoplasty procedure, the medical surgeon will first assess the nose-related problems of the patient. During these assessments, the doctors get to know the patient’s nose structure before deciding which implant procedure is apt. The doctors assess how tough the patient’s bones are in the nasal bridge and upper jawbone region. Then, they assess how much cartilage is present in the patient’s lower nose regions. Lastly, the skin and the fat layers of the nose are assessed. After discovering the problems and assessing the clients’ requests, the doctors set up extremely safe surgical strategies. 

Different Types of Nose Surgeries

Whether your nose is distorted and you’re having breathing issues or whether you don’t think that the tip of your nose is not beautiful – by getting nose surgery [ทำ ดั้ง, which is the term in Thai] you can fix all types of nose-related issues. Modern-day rhinoplasty procedures typically involve the use of cartilage and silicone. Cartilage is obtained from other parts of your body, such as behind your ears, in your coccyx tissues, or from your rib cage. Once the doctors obtain enough cartilage, they can fix all types of structural problems inside your nose. The cartilage will be used to support the structure of your nose. Or, specially molded nose implants made from silicone are used to enhance the nose’s structure. If it’s your first time getting rhinoplasty and you don’t have too many nose disorders, getting silicone rhinoplasty is the better option. 

Getting Nose Surgeries

Whether you opt for closed nose augmentation or open nose augmentation, cartilage rhinoplasty, or silicone rhinoplasty- you need to be operated on by qualified doctors with advanced specialization in nose-related problems. Look for doctors who’ve fixed issues such as slanting noses or abnormalities of the nose frame. The more experienced your surgeon, the more efficient and safer the surgical operation will be.

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