Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel

Currently, there are no Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel on United States citizens who wish to travel to Canada. As of Dec. 23, 2021; Canada suspends admissions from the United Kingdom to the United States until Jan 6, 2021. The status is being monitored very closely. Travel restrictions can change with little notice.

To curb the further spread of severe cold virus in Canada, travel restrictions have been put into place across the country. In preparation of winter, the three airports that serve Canada now have increased air conditioning capacity and are expected to run up to ninety percent capacity ninety days. This should keep a Canadian resident in New York or Toronto, at least, within arm’s reach of the necessary public health services. If one does travel south of the border, vaccines will still be needed, and they may not reach their destination country.

The United Nations, concerned about the alarming rates of travel to Canada among younger and older U.S. citizens traveling alone, has expressed grave concern over the new Canadian travel restrictions. The U.N. stated that the current rate of increase in deaths for those travelling to Canada for family purposes was alarming and called on all countries of the world to immediately begin to implement controls similar to those in the United States. The organization also recommended that member states of the United Nations travel to Canada with at least two immediate family members.

Regarding a new Canadian travel restriction, the World Health Organization or WHO has warned that although the new travel restrictions have so far limited entry into Canada for most citizens travelling to the country, they do represent a public health threat. Unsafe travelling to any foreign nation, particularly if one has some type of communicable diseases or infectious diseases carried by mosquitoes, can present a serious public health threat. Although the new measures are being implemented to combat dangerous pests, many experts believe that this is just the beginning of the battle against dangerous pests. The organization warned that travellers should take note that travellers are prohibited from carrying insect bites, saliva or other type of insect-related diseases in their luggage.For home sexual health test, vitamin d test, or private thyroid test, contact Harley Medic International.

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